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Launches and Orbital Operations

Scarborough, UK
2014 Jul 24
Thursday, Day 205

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Launch events for the past week, plus on-orbit and re-entry or landing events of satellites and spacecraft.

Date and time information comes from open sources and from private contacts within the industry. Notes are prepared through a combination of research and information released by satellite owners, operators and manufacturers; space agencies and launch services providers.

Date Time (UTC) Event
2014 Jul 21
Progress M-23M Undocking
on orbit - ISS
Undocking from Pirs.

Will conduct 10 days of Radar-Progress engineering tests before re-entry on Aug 1.

2014 Jul 23
ISS Debris Avoidance
ISS on orbit
Engines of Zvezda were fired for 32s to lower the orbit by 800 metres.

The objective was to avoid a fragment from the Briz-M used to launch Amos 5 and Luch 5B in 2011 December.

2014 Jul 23
Progress M-24M Launch
Soyuz-U, Baikonur SC
Supplies to ISS. Will dock with the port on the Pirs Module after a six hour flight.

Precise launch time : 21:44:44 UTC.

Reserve date/time was July 25 at 20:59 UTC.

Orbit notes:

NORAD - 2014-042A

2014 Jul 24
Progress M-24M Docking
Soyuz-U, Baikonur SC
Docked with the port on the Pirs Module after a six hour flight.

2014 Jul 24
Delta 4 Medium+ (4,2), CCAFS
Launch of a pair of Geosynchronous Space Situational Awareness Program (GSSAP) satellites to near-geosynchronous orbit to support US Strategic Command space surveillance operations as a dedicated Space Surveillance Network (SSN) sensor. Their job will be to look at objects in geosynchronous orbit with a view to identifying satellites and differentiating between payloads, rocket bodies and debris.

The launch vehicle will also carry ANGELS (Autonomous Nanosatellite Guardian for Evaluating Local Space) - a small satellite designed to fly alongside a major payload to monitor the local space environment. it will use the upper stage of the Delta 4 as it's target.

Time is the opening of a 65 minute launch slot. Postponed 24 hrs from Jul 23 due to a problem with a cooling device associated with loading propellant into the rocket.

Mission Brochure from ULA:


2014 Jul 28
GSLV Atmospheric Test Flight
GSLV Mk III, Satish Dhawan SC
Sub-orbital launch to about 120 kilometres altitude aimed at testing the aerodynamics of the rocket. It will re-enter the Earth's atmosphere over the Bay of Bengal.

The payload is a protoype of a future piloted spacecraft that will be used to characterise aspects of the design and test the aerodynamics of its re-entry. It will land by parachute in the seal.

Has slipped several times and may slip further.

2014 Jul 29
ATV 5 (Georges LemaƮtre) Launch
Further details - see Zarya's Closed Orbit pages.

2014 Jul 31
Navstar GPS IIF-07
Further details - see Zarya's Closed Orbit pages.

2014 Aug 1
ISS EVA - Russian Segment
Further details - see Zarya's Closed Orbit pages.

2014 Aug 1
Progress M-23M Re-entry
Further details - see Zarya's Closed Orbit pages.

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