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Scarborough, UK
2014 Apr 17
Thursday, Day 107

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Monthly Space Chronicle

History, radio tracking

Closed Orbit

The web site has a password-protected area for publishing for some of its information. You may have been re-directed here when trying to view a page that is now inside Closed Orbit.

Behind the log-in is the Blog containing analyses of current orbital events. There is also an extended version of the Zarya Go for Launch! calendar and other lists, including geosynchronous satellites and satellites in sun-synchronous orbit. For convenience, fully up-to-date versions of the annual launch tables from the main site are repeated there.

Anyone may request a password - send an e-mail (icon at top right of this page) giving some details such as your interests, web sites you manage/contribute to, whether you are a hobbyist or a professional.

If you already have a password, click here to enter "Closed Orbit".

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