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Zenit - Korolyov's Legacy

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2021 Oct 25
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Zenit-2 Missions

Zenit-2 was one of two original variants of the photo-reconnaissance vehicle. Korolyov developed the Zenit-2 and Zenit-4 with different camera configurations. The Zenit-2 was designed for area surveys with the Zenit-4 taking a closer look at targets. Zenit-2, or at least the early ones, also carried an electronic intelligence gathering (ELINT) payload. Zenit-2 was originally named "Vostok-" but got its new name when Korolyov's piloted and reconnaissance spacecraft diverged in design.

Vladimir Agapov produced a study of Zenit 2 missions when information on them was de-classified. His notes and landing co-ordinates from his paper are included the entries in this list.

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