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2021 Oct 25
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Zenit-4M Missions

Zenit-4M introduced the use of an orbit adjustment engine. Changing the orbit slightly allowed the ground track to be shifted and the satellite scheduled to pass directly over a selected target or allow repeated daily visits to the same area.

The engine was attached to the forward end of the craft in the same position of the Nauka modules of the Zenit-2M. Retro-fire was still performed by the engine carried in the instrument unit at the opposite end of the vehicle.

Cosmos 328 - on the basis of the radio transmissions detected by the Kettering Grammar School Satellite Tracking Group it was quite clearly a Zenit-2M. However, most listings on the Worlwide Web (that probably have a common source) incorrectly show it as a Zenit-4MK. Without the tracking information, it is not possible to distinguish the two types so the error would go unnoticed without access to additional information.

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