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Zenit-8 Missions

Like Zenit-6, this vehicle type was a departure from its predecessors.

Zenit-2, Zenit-4 and their successors used cameras that pointed vertically downwards, necessitating positioning the ground track directly over a target. Zenit-8 had the ability to change its orientation in order to slew its cameras and 'squint' sideways. That way a target of interest could be viewed even if it was not directly below.

Cosmos 2281 - some of the later Zenit-8's had targets relating to remote sensing of natural resources and entries in the list are tagged accordingly. However, a review of the list in 2019 revealed that the final vehicle in the series, is described, historically, as an Earth Resources mission. The entry has been amended accordingly. However, none of the official Russian announcements, news items and listings at the time of launch stated that this was the case.

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