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The Kettering Group

Tyneside, UK
2019 May 25
Saturday, Day 145

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Contemporary 1966 film of the tracking equipment


A few items do not fit into the technical categories but were nevertheless important to the activities and history of the Group.

Item Purpose Note Currently Residing
Coffee Percolator Sustenance Perceived as a permanent fixture - smell pervaded the laboratory during mornings, pupils were allowed occasional use when tracking early-morning recoveries or working holidays and weekend....... but mainly reserved to the teachers Probably destroyed
Physics Laboratory 'A', Science Block, Kettering Grammar School Housed the tracking station Formerly located in the School's Science Teaching Block on Windmill Avenue, Kettering Demolished 2007
MBE National Honour presented to mark Geoff's work - 1973 New Year Honours List Personally presented by HM the Queen

Family Item
Geoff Perry Collection
Jackson-Gwilt Medal Presentation by the Royal Astronomical Society Personal presentation in 1974 to mark Geoff's work

Family Item
Geoff Perry Collection
Royal Aero Club - Prince of Wales Trophy Presentation to mark work of the Group during 1983 Presented at the Science Museum, London in December 1984 - several Group members present Geoff Perry Collection
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