Zarya - Soviet, Russian and International Spaceflight
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The Kettering Group

Tyneside, UK
2019 May 25
Saturday, Day 145

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Contemporary 1966 film of the tracking equipment

Group Records

Records of satellites tracked, analysis and Group history are part of the Collection left by the late Geoff Perry.

The archive consists of the verbatim logs created at the Kettering Grammar School satellite tracking station plus summary logs that include observations from other stations. There are analyses of those observations and of orbital information that all go into understanding the history and development of the Soviet/Russian space programme.

Item Purpose Note Currently Residing
Contemporary Reception Logs Archive of signal reception notes Dated series of school exercise books containing original handwritten reception observations Geoff Perry Collection
Geoff Perry Archive Preservation of physical Kettering Group records Summary logs, analysis work, written articles-originals, magnetic and paper tape, computer records Geoff Perry Collection
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