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USA 179

Tyneside, UK
2019 Jan 19
Saturday, Day 19

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USA-179 Analysis:

Orbital Adjustments in the Second Half of 2007

It was business as usual for July and August at least. The previously-reported orbital adjustment for August 2 actually occurred on July 31. Thanks are due to Peter Wakelin for filling in the observational gaps.

There were two other opposite-sense adjustment on July 19 and August 16 but it was somewhat less in magnitude than the one in 2007 June. On looking back to the start of observations, there have been several minor retrograde orbital adjustments but they appeared only as 'noise' within the assumed error bounds of the observations. With hindsight - they are visible in the data but are not obvious in the plot at the scale used on the web page.

USA 179 2007 Second Half
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