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Scarborough, UK
2014 Nov 1
Saturday, Day 305

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Zarya - Additions and Changes

2014 Oct 13
New Page - X-37B Return toEarth
The USAF announced a return to Earth October 14, here is a calculation of the likely time of day:

2014 May 26
New Page - PAYLOAD C

2014 May 20
New Page - ISS Visibility Predictions
For people living in the Yorkshire area of the UK:

2014 May 8
New Page - Secret Russian Satellite 2013
A discontinuity in the 'Cosmos' numbering sequence during 2014 reveals a satellite Russia failed to declare in 2013:

2014 Jan 18
China - MissileTests, 2014 January
Hypersonic missile test and a mystery launch:

Require login credentials for "Closed Orbit, details:

2013 Nov 15
More Cubesats
Add these to the nearly 60 Cubesats from ORS 3 and the Dnepr launch:

2013 Nov 6
ORS 3 - Payload Manifest
A Minotaur rocket will carry more than twenty satellites and experiments into orbit, this is nearest to a definitive list that you will find:

2013 Oct 31
If you thought Space Command was hard pressed sorting out the satellites from the recent Falcon 9 launch, how is it going to fare with this bunch?

2013 Oct 26
Shijian 16
Some thoughts on the orbit and the inclination, and how it fits China's future space plans:

2013 Oct 21
Payload A Wakes Up
The third payload from China's 2013-037 launch comes alive and gains a companion:

2013 Oct 20
Payload A Comes Alive
The third payload in China's 2013-037 Triple launch manoeuvred and gained a companion:

2013 Oct 20
Chang'e 3 - Diary
Chang'e 3 diary, including estimates of launch, Lunar arrival, landing dates/times:

2013 Oct 15
CUSat 2 - Where is it?
Cornell University is being rather coy about what happened to the second of the CUSat satellite pair:

2013 Oct 11
Disappearing Debris
Now the satellites from SpaceX's recent Falcon 9 launch have been catalogued, some of the debris has 'disappeared':

2013 Oct 7
Falcon 9 Update
More news on the debris from the rocket and the payloads:

2013 Sep 30
Explosion on-orbit
Blog entry - SpaceX Falcon 9 explosion:

2013 Sep 29
Kuaizhou - China's Quick Boat
Blog entry covering the satellite's on-orbit manoeuvres:

2013 Sep 28
New Blog Entry - Falcon 9 and Cassiope
A couple of factoids/snippets about the launch:

2013 Sep 26
Update - Shijian 15, etc
Recap on situation so far:

2013 Sep 10
New Page - Kettering Group
The Kettering Group and reports to the US Congress:

2013 Sep 9
New Page - Kettering Group
In 1991, the UK Post Office used a commemorative handstamp for the Group on First Day Covers posted at Kettering:

2013 Sep 2
New Blog Item
Yaogan 17 - How to Lose a 50/50 Bet:

2013 Aug 30
New Page - Sun-synchronous orbits (China)
Listings of all Chinese satellites currently in sun-synchronous orbit:

2013 Aug 28
New Blog Item - Launch 2013-037
Latest thinking on what's what:

2013 Aug 24
New Pages - NRO L-65 and KH-11 Launch August 28
Notes on the launch Danger zones:

List of currentlyactive KH-11 satellites:

2013 Aug 19
New Section at Website - Sun-synchronous orbits
Listings of satellites in sun-synchronous orbit:

2013 Aug 15
New Page - Forthcoming ISS events
Looking a few months into the future for ISS comings, goings and activities:

2013 Aug 3
New Page - Shijian 15
Notes on its initial orbit manoeuvres:

2013 Jul 23
New Page - Potential Launch Date of Chang'e 3
Updated version of an earlier Blog entry:

2013 Jul 21
New Page - Yuan Wang 5 and July 19 Launch from Taiyuan
Yuan Wang 5 monitors satellite separation:

2013 Jul 8
Privacy and Cookie Policy Updated

Expanded version:

2013 Jul 7
Chang'e 3 Launch Date Revealed?
New Blog page - How the Yuan Wang 5 sailing plan may be pointing at the intended Chang'e 3 launch date:

2013 Jul 3
China Space Future
Article at SpacePolicyOnline web site

Look back at China's space station progress, and future development under the 2011 Five Year Plan:

2013 Jun 25
Shenzhou 10 Landing
Notes on the plan and possible emergency scenario:

2013 Jun 23
Shenzhou 10 Manual Docking

2013 Jun 19
Blog Entry - Space Lesson
Orbital dynamics of delivering a class to China's millions of school/college pupils and students:

2013 Jun 8
Shenzhou 10 - NOTAMs and Maps
NOTAMS for launch issued June 8. Maps show restricted zones, emergency landing areas and locations of the Yuan Wang tracking ships at launch:

2013 May 26
New Blog Entry - Shenzhou 10
When will Shenzhou 10 launch?

2013 May 22
Shenzhou 10 Status Report
Summary of the state of play:

2013 May 18
New Blog Entry - Bion M1 Landing
Map of the ground track for re-entry and landing:

2013 May 12
New Blog Entry - Chinese Missile Test?
Thoughts on a NOTAM issued 2013 May 12:

2013 Apr 13
新页面 - 新页面
神舟十号任务的预览 -

2013 Apr 11
Blog Page - N Korea Missile Test
Directions that it might take:

2013 Mar 31
New Blog Entry - Shenzhou 10 Launch Campaign
Will be updated as events occur:

2013 Mar 26
New Blog Entry - Dragon CRS/SpaceX-02 Re-entry & Landing Events

2013 Mar 11
New Page - Shenzhou 10 Heads Up!
What we know so far about the upcoming mission:

2013 Mar 1
New Blog page - Dragon and ISS
Dragon's missed rendezvous with the ISS:

2013 Feb 24
New Page - PSLV Dog-leg
Dog-leg ground track to avoid Sri-Lanka:

2013 Jan 26
New Blog Entry - IGS launch
Notes on the 'dog-leg' manouvre to be executed by the H-IIA launch vehicle:

2013 Jan 18
New Page - Upcoming South Korea Launch
The NOTAMs, ground track and comparison with North Korea's Unha 3 launch:

2013 Jan 5
New Page - Chang'e 3 Launch Windows
Potential dates and times for launch late-2013 based on analysis of Chang'e 1 & 2 missions:

2012 Dec 17
New Page - Kwangmyongsong 3

2012 Dec 15
New Page - Kwangmyongsong 3 Orbit Evolution
Ongoing, dynamic plot of orbit parameters:

2012 Dec 11
New Page - OTV Missions, the Launch Windows
What is behind the seemingly random, jumping around times for these missions if they get moved from one day to another?

2012 Dec 11
New Page - OTV 3 Debris Zones
Maps showing the impact zones for the Altals and Centaur rocket stages:

2012 Dec 1
New Page - Kwangmyongsong 3-2 Launch
North Korea announces a second attempt to launch its Kwangmyongsong 3 satellite:

2012 Nov 29
New Blog Entry - Pléiades Countdown and Mission Events
Chronology of milestones during the launch and climb to orbit:

2012 Nov 19
Soyuz TMA-05M Landing - Blog
Misinterpreted comments over the radio links during the landing led to some incorrect reporting by NASA and erroneous reports by the likes of Chronology:

2012 Oct 23
New to now has an RSS feed for current stories:

2012 Oct 22
New Section - Zarya Blog
A new section of the web site opened that will carry the magazine-type articles rather than set them up as web pages:

2012 Oct 17
New Page - Tiangong 1 Diary
Chronicle of all known milestones/events relating to the Tiangong 1 space laboratory:

2012 Oct 8
New Page - Twitter Feed
Resurrected the old page:

2012 Sep 12
New Page - HTV 3 Re-entry
Re-entry track, the danger zones and map:

2012 Sep 4
New Page - Launches and Orbits for 2009
Complete list of attempted launches and orbits for all successfully orbited payloads:

2012 Sep 2
Updated Page - Awaiting Shenzhou 10
Updated to reflect recent orbit boost...... 2012 Nov-Dec launch window data no longer listed:

2012 Sep 2
Improved Data - Geosynchronous Orbit Tables
Thanks to the new SpaceTrack API for retrieving element sets, all of these pages are now updated daily.

All Geosynchronous: - by longitude - by name - by age

USA and OPS Names: - by name - by type - by location

2012 Aug 17
New Page - Tracking USA 217
Radio transmissions discovered after nearly two years - is this a US store-dump communications satellite?

2012 Aug 7
New Page - Proton-M/Briz-M Launch failure 2012 August
Attempt to launch Indonesia's Telkom 3 and Russia's Express-MD2 goes wrong when the Briz-M stage fails to fire:

2012 Jul 28
New Page - Does Tiangong 1 Have a Problem?

What is causing small variations in the Tiangong 1 orbit?

2012 Jul 23
Updated Page - Awaiting Shenzhou 10

Page now shows actual launch times for the 2012 December launch windows:

2012 Jul 19
New Page - Shenzhou Launch Windows

Launch Windows for Shenzhou and Tiangong Rendezvous Missions:

2012 Jul 16
New Page - A Shenzhou 9 Puzzle

2012 Jul 13
New Page - Soyuz TMA-05M Early Orbits

Orbital elements, radio frequencies, how to track, data from TsUP:

2012 Jul 6
New Page - Shenzhou 9 Confusion

2012 Jul 1
New Page - Space Talks & Lectures

Talks and lectures on various aspects of space exploration:

2012 Jun 26
New Page - NROL-15 Impact Zones

Map of restricted areas for launch day:

2012 Jun 25
New Page - Shenzhou 9 Landing

2012 Jun 18
New Page - Shenzhou 9 Docking

Map showing location of Shenzhou 9 and Tiangong 1 as they docked:

2012 Jun 15
New Pages - Shenzhou 9 Resource

2012 Jun 1
New Page - In Chinese

Shenzhou 9 page translated to Simplified Chinese:

Other pages will be translated if/when I find a volunteer to help).

2012 May 26
New Page - Iridium Flares Over Yorkshire

Detailed predictions for some specific locations:

2012 May 14
New Page - 2012 Kobalt-M Mission

Map showing information available from the relevant NOTAMs:

2012 May 10
New Page - List of Yaogan Launches

For reference, all launches under the Yaogan name:

2012 May 3
New Page - Geosynchronous Satellites

Pages added listing USA and OPS satellites in alternative presentation orders:

Location order:

Payload name order:

2012 Apr 28
New Page - Beidou M4/M4 NOTAMs

2012 Apr 23
New Section - Geosynchronous Satellites

Pages added listing satellites currently at geosynchronous locations with choices of presentation order.

Location (longitude):


By name (alphabetic):

Satellites with "USA" and "OPS" designations:

2012 Apr 16
New Page - Shenzhou 9 Launch Date

2012 Apr 14
Update - NROL-36 Cubesats

Most of the eleven paylods identified:

2012 Apr 13
New Page - Kwangmyongsong 3 Launch Failure

2012 Apr 12
New Page - Vostok and Gagarin

2012 Apr 10
New Page - Unha 2 Sun-Synchronous Track

Effect on the ground track of heading for sun-synchronous orbit:

2012 Apr 10
New Page - Firsts

2012 Apr 9
New Page - Unha 2 and Unha 3 launches

There are some noticeable differnces between the two missions:

2012 Mar 29
New Page - Kwangmyongsong 3 Launch

Launch ground track and debris impact areas (updated 2012 Apr 3):

2012 Mar 26
New Page - NOTAMs for the FIA Radar Satellite Launches

Illustrates that the NROL-25 payload is the second FIA Radar satellite:

2012 Feb 23
Revised Data - Soyuz Radio Frequencies

Reviewed and updated all Soyuz/Progress frequency listing entries, affects principally:

2012 Feb 12
New Page - Iran's New Launch Site

Iran has indicated that it is to open a new launch site in the south-east of the country to handle larger rockets and increase its launch options:

2012 Feb 5
Updated Page - Shenzhou 9

Added chart showing solar flux variation and link to Tiangong 1 orbit decay:

2012 Feb 4
New Page - Iran's Satellites

A listing of all of Iran's satellite launches to date:

2012 Jan 29
Updated Page - Shenzhou 9

Dynamic chart showing forecast for when Tiangong 1 will be back at Shenzhou operating height:

2012 Jan 26
New Page - Progress M-13M Re-entry

Groundtrack map and splashdown area diagram:

2012 Jan 21
Updated Page - Tiangong 1

Tiangong 1 changes orientation again, reduces drag even further, Shenzhou 9 may be launched in June:

2012 Jan 18
Updated Page - The Ever Expanding Catalogue

2012 Jan 17
Updated Page - Shenzhou 9

Notes on the effect of the December 15 orbital attitude adjustment updated:

2012 Jan 13
New Page - Phobos-Grunt Re-Entry

An attempt to take a sensible view:

2012 Jan 8
New Page - X-37B &Tiangong 1

The British Interplanetary Society's Magazine Spaceflight gets it totally wrong with an error-strewn article suggesting that the USAF's X-37B spaceplane (aka OTV-2) is orbiting alongside China's Tiangong 1 space lab:

2011 Dec 23
New Page - Russian launch Failures 2010-2011

These are the ones that got as far as ignition:

2011 Dec 23
New Page - Notes on Meridan 5 Launch Failure

2011 Dec 18
New Page - Phobos-Grunt Re-entry

Tracking the re-entry estimates including graphical representation:

2011 Dec 17
New Page - The Ever Expanding Catalogue

The catalogue numbering series recently passed 38,000 items known to have reached orbit or beyond. There is a simple view of how the situation has grown over the years:

2011 Dec 11
New Page - Luch 5A and Amos 5 launch

Brief notes and diagrams on aspects of the mission:

2011 Dec 5
Page updates - Shenzhou 9 & Tiangong 1

Shenzhou 9 and Tiangong orbit plots updated to cover the potential launch date:

2011 Dec 1
New Page - Shenzhou 9 Musings

Thoughts/discussion on Shenzhou 9 launch date and time:

2011 Nov 27
New Page - Phobos-Grunt - Orbit Watch

2011 Nov 24
New Page - Phobos-Grunt, Still Alive

After several weeks of silence - tracked by ESA ground station near Perth, WA:

2011 Oct 24
New Pages - China Piloted, and Related, Launches

2011 Oct 8
New Page - RoSat Re-entry

Tracking RoSat on the way down:

2011 Oct 5
New Page - USA Missile Interception Tests 2011 Oct 5

USA tests missile interception system and the STSS Demonstrator satellites are in attendance:

2011 Oct 4
New Page - Tiangong 1 Manouvres

While Tiangong 1 awaits the arrival of Shenzhou 8, there is an ongoing set of graphical plots to monitor orbit changes:

2011 Sep 15
New Pages - Launches 1957-61

Complete list of launch attempts to orbit and beyond, including launch vehicle, site, mission notes, detailed orbits and re-entry information:

2011 Sep 8
New Pages - Launches 2010 and 2011

Complete list of launch attempts to orbit and beyond, including launch vehicle, site, mission notes, detailed orbits and re-entry information:

2011 May 29
New Page - History of the Zenit Recovery Beacons

A year-by-year and type-by-type analysis of the recovery beacons (TK, TG, etc) from Korolyov's Zenit reconsats:

2011 May 20
New Page - ISS near 600 MHz

2011 Apr 7
New Section - Google Earth Virtual Tours

Tour of Baikonur available now, others will be added later: .

2011 Jan 15
Updated Photograph of the "Kettering Timeline"

Real photo to replace the graphic shown earlier, scroll down the page to "2009 - Commemoration":

2011 Jan 9
New Aerial for the Zarya Tracking Station

My new 3.5 turn helix, omni-directional aerial:

2011 Jan 7
Zarya Front Page - Revisions and Additional Images

2011 Jan 5
USA 155 and the 2011 Jan 4 Solar Eclipse

How the eclipse affected USA 155's S-band radio transmitter:

2010 Dec 19
1966 - British Interplanetary Society and Luna 9

In 1966, the BIS presented the USSR Acadamy of Sciences with a model of the recently-landed Luna 9:

2010 Dec 15
STSS Demonstrator - On-orbit Test Calendar

Northrop Grumman revealed more detail of the known missile tracking tests and gave details of additional tests, see:

2010 Oct 8
Zenit Recovery Locator Beacons

Interpretation of the signal structure of the post-flight locator beacons of Korolyov's Zenit reconnaissance satellites:

2010 Sep 17
Minuteman III ICBM Launch - Monitored by STSS Demonstrator Mission

STSS Demonstrator involvement in tracking this launch see:

2010 Sep 5
The Seventh Continent

BBC Panorama programme of 1968, featuring Kettering Grammar School pupils:

2010 Sep 3
Cosmos 2463 - Broken?

Unexpected transmissions on strange frequencies:

2010 Sep 1
Eclipse of USA 155 at the Equinox

2010 Jul 28
STSS Demonstrator - Tests of the Missile Detection Sensors

This section is subject to likely to be updated - more events are expected:

2010 Jul 5
Tracking - Progress M-06M

Changing separation between Progress and the ISS after the failed docking, as measured from radio tracking:

2010 Jun 18
Zarya's Twitter feed inaugurated

Follow Zarya_Info at:

2010 Jun 6
Zarya Calendar is now Go for Launch!

Former Calendar pages used embedded Google Calendar, they now use HTML tables:

Split into Current Six Months, future six months and previous month before being transferred to the current year under the Zarya "Diaries" section.

2010 Jun 1
Zenit - Korolyov's Legacy

Summaries of Zenit missions by type and with Kettering Satellite Tracking group data added:

2009 Sep 27
New Section: Tracking - STSS Demonstrator Mission

Information on tracking activities relating to the mission:

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