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Scarborough, UK
2014 Apr 18
Friday, Day 108

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Monthly Space Chronicle

History, radio tracking

Providing Space Information since 1999 is a hobbyist website. Here you will find things that interest me..... current space events, the Soviet/Russian space programme, satellite tracking. You will also find frequency lists. They are spin-offs from my satellite tracking activities with which they go hand-in-hand. There are no mis-identifications, or erroneous entries, or gratuitous copies from elsewhere.

The Diaries and "Go For Launch!" pages are updated as often as possible. Basic lists are available from the main web site, more detailed listings can be found in 'Closed Orbit.

Closed Orbit

This is a password-protected area of the site. It is a new section created in response to seeing zarya,info material appearing uncredited on other web sites without permission being sought in the first place. Details can be found on the Closed Orbit introductory page. Blog

New for 2012 October - the Blog is a place for the stories and information that don't initially merit a web page in their own right. In the past, they might have been given a page in the 'Gallimaufry' section, or not been recorded at all.

The Blog can be found inside Closed Orbit.

Talks and Lectures

If some of the material on the website interests you enough, and you represent a local astronomy society, club or group in the UK, or even in Europe if a low-cost flight is available, then a talk or lecture can probably be arranged. Some ideas for topics can be found in this area of the site. Click the 'mail' icon towards the upper right of the page if you are interested.

If you appreciate or value the information available from, you might consider a donation towards its setup and running costs.

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