Zarya - Soviet, Russian and International Spaceflight
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Tyneside, UK
2015 Oct 5
Monday, Day 278

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Space Chronicle

History, radio tracking

Providing Space Information 1999-2014 is a hobbyist website managed from the South Tyneside area of the UK. Here you will find things that interest me..... current space events, the Soviet/Russian space programme, satellite tracking. You will also find frequency lists. They are spin-offs from my satellite tracking activities with which they go hand-in-hand. For some more about the site and its roots, look here.

What's In Orbit

imageTake a look at Zarya's launch lists for satellite descriptions, launch records, detailed orbits and a history of orbital manoeuvres.

Talks and Lectures

imageIf some of the material on the website interests you enough, and you represent a local astronomy society, club or any other group in the UK, or even in Europe if a low-cost flight is available, then a talk or lecture can probably be arranged. Click the 'mail' icon towards the upper right of the page if you are interested.

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