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Tyneside, UK
2020 Apr 8
Wednesday, Day 99

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This page looks forward three months. It is more comprehensive and detailed than the simple launch lists that can be found on the webas it covers on-orbit events as well as re-entries and landings.

Once something reaches space, the menu on the left takes you to detailed lists of satellites and orbits, as well as information on those that failed to make it.

To see further into the future, go to's Still In the Clean Room... page.

If there's something you might have missed, there is the Cleared the Tower! page that looks back over the last four weeks or so.

Dates and times are in UTC and are derived from a mix of open sources and private contacts within the industry. Notes are prepared through a combination of research, information released by satellite owners, operators and manufacturers, space agencies and launch service providers.

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SpaceX Dragon CRS-20 departure
ISS, on orbit
2020 Apr 7, 13:06 UTC
Released from ISS remote manipulator by ISS crew. Was undocked from ISS under ground control several hours earlier. Delayed from Apr 6. Splashdown expected approx 18:52 UTC. Reserve date Apr 10. NASA TV coverage from 12:45 UTC:

Soyuz MS-16 Launch
Soyuz-2 1A, Baikonur SC
2020 Apr 9, 08:05 UTC
Carrying Anatoly Ivanishin & Ivan Vagner (Roscosmos) and Chris Cassidy (NASA) to ISS. The third seat was originally allocated to Akihiko Hoshide (JAXA) but NASA planning during 2019 pushed him off the flight. 2020 Feb 19, it was announced that Roscosmos prime crew cosmonauts Nikolai Tikhonov & Andrei Babkin were being replaced by their backups. First piloted Soyuz to use Soyuz-2 1A launch vehicle. NASA TV coverage:

Palapa N1 (Nusantara 2) launch
CZ 3B, Xichang SC, China
No earlier than
2020 Apr 9, 11:30 UTC
(Approximate time)
Indonesian domestic comsat built by China. Unclear whether the company, Pasifik Satelit Nusantara, owns the satellite or leases the transponders from China. Expected location - 113° east, replacing Palapa D1. Confirmation of date awaited. Satellites in GEO:

Soyuz MS-16 Docking
ISS on orbit
2020 Apr 9, 14:16 UTC
Docking with Poisk Module after six hour, four orbit flight. NASA TV coverage:

Cosmonautics Day - Anniversary
2020 Apr 12
Anniversary of the first Human spaceflight - Yuri Gagarin in Vostok. Established 1962 April 9 by Decree of the Praesidium of the Supreme Soviet of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. TASS: Vostok Chronology:

Xinjiang 1 launch
Kuaizhou 1A, Jiuquan SC, China
No earlier than
2020 Apr 16
Mission details awaited.

Soyuz MS-15 Undocking
2020 Apr 17, 01:54 UTC
Carrying Oleg Skripochka (Roscosmos), Jessica Meir and Andrew Morgan (both NASA). NASA TV coverage:

Soyuz MS-15 Landing
2020 Apr 17, 05:18 UTC
Retro-fire at 04:23 UTC will lead to landing near Dzhezkazgan, Kazakhstan. NASA TV coverage:

Piloted spacecraft test launch
CZ 5B, Wenchang SC, China
No earlier than
2020 Apr 20
Test mission of new generation piloted spacecraft. No crew will be carried. First mission for CZ 5B launch vehicle.

Progress MS-14 Launch
Soyuz-2 1A, Baikonur SC
No earlier than
2020 Apr 25, 01:51 UTC

Angara Test Launch
Angara-A5 + URM-1 upper stage, Plesetsk
No earlier than
2020 May 1
Second test mission of new heavy lift rocket. Payload details awaited. Date is very uncertain.

Soyuz-2 1B + Fregat, Plesetsk SC
No earlier than
2020 May 1
Navigation satellite fill a gap in the constellation as a replacement for a failed satellite. Will receive number in the Cosmos series once in orbit.

OTV-6 Launch
Atlas V 501 (AFSPC-7), Cape Canaveral AFS, USA
No earlier than
2020 May 1
Sixth mission for X-37B space plane, probably using flight vehicle #1. Payload is classified.

Aditya L1
PSLV-XL, Satish Dhawan SC, India
No earlier than
2020 May 1
Indian solar studies mission. To be placed in halo orbit around the Earth-Sun L1 Lagrange Point.

Virgin LauncherOne
Boeing 747 + LauncherOne, Mojave Air and Space Port, USA
No earlier than
2020 May 1
Will be released from Virgin's Boeing 747 'Cosmic Girl' above the Pacific Ocean off the Los Angeles region of California. Carrying NASA's ELaNa 20 batch of ten Cubesats: PolarCube - University of Colorado at Boulder, Boulder, Colorado MiTEE - University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan CACTUS-1 - Capitol Technology University, Laurel, Maryland Q-PACE - University of Central Florida, Orlando, Florida TechEdSat-7 - NASA Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, California RadFXSat-2 - Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee EXOCUBE California Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo, California CAPE-3 - University of Louisiana at Lafayette, Lafayette, Louisiana PICS - Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah INCA - New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, New Mexico

Crew Dragon mission 2
Falcon 9, Kennedy SC
Approximate date
2020 May 7
First SpaceX mission to carry a crew. Planned to carry NASA passengers to ISS. To be flown by SpaceX astronauts Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken. Duration not yet set. Actual date will move earlier or later - dependent on external. factors such as ISS planning.

Beidou-3 G-4 Launch
CZ 3B, Xichang SC, China
No earlier than
2020 May 7, 18:00 UTC
Phase 2 operational satellite in China's navigation satellite system aimed at geosynchronous orbit.

X-37B/OTV-6 launch
Atlas V 501, Cape Canaveral, USA
2020 May 20
Sixth flight of Boeing X-37 space plane that will probably remain in orbit for around two years.

Kounotori 9 (HTV 9) Launch
H-IIB, Tanegashima SC
No earlier than
2020 May 20, 17:30 UTC
Supplies to ISS.

Express 80 & Express 103 Launch
Proton-M + Briz-M, Baikonur
No earlier than
2020 May 24
Pair of Russian satellites for GEO. Mar 10 - announced launch delay from end-March to end-May after concerns were raised about launch vehicle component quality. Express 80 - Domestic comsat owned by RSCC (the Russian Satellite Communications Company), aimed at 80° east longitude. Express 103 - Domestic comsat owned by RSCC (the Russian Satellite Communications Company), aimed at 96°.5 east longitude.

Zafar 2 Launch
Simorgh, Imam Khomeini SC, Semnan, Iran
No earlier than
2020 Jun 1
Imaging remote sensing satellite for monitoring natural resources, and agricultural and environmental developments. Also carries a low-bandwidth messaging broadcasting system. Expected orbit 530 km, 54° inclination. Replacement for satellite lost when the Simorgh launch vehicle delivered insufficient speed to achieve orbit 2020 Feb 9.

Nahid 1 launch
Zoljanah, Ayatollah Khomeni SC, Iran
Approximate date
2020 Jun 15
Reportedly a comsat but the orbit is low for such a mission. Aimed at 250km, 54° inclination. First mission for new solid propellant launch vehicle.

APStar 6D (Asia-Pacific Satellite 6D) launch
CZ 3B, Xichang, China
2020 Jun 16
GEO comsat for China's APT Satellite Company to cover the Asia-Pacific region. Expected location - 134° east.

Kepler Launch
Soyuz-2, Plesetsk, Russia
No earlier than
2020 Jul 1
Pair of LEO comsats for Kepler Communications/Innovative Space Logistics. As of 2010 October, date given as 2nd or third quarter 2020.

Boeing 747 + LauncherOne, Guam, western Pacific Ocean
No earlier than
2020 Jul 1
Air Force Research Laboratory satellite.

GISat (GEO Imaging Satellite) 2
GSLV Mk II F11, Satish Dhawan SC, india
No earlier than
2020 Jul 1
Indian imaging satellite for geosynchronous orbit for monitoring ground events, particularly in connection with natural disasters.

Progress MS-13 Departure
ISS Russian segment, on orbit
No earlier than
2020 Jul 1
Undocking from Pirs module followed by destructive re-entry above southern Pacific Ocean

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